How to deliver medicare with less?

The discussion on health care reform and saving money usually misses the waste associated with private delivery: for example, significant extra costs are incurred by using private providers in medical laboratories, long-term care, home care, and hospital support services.  My first letter published in the Toronto Star points out this omission in another column.  Maybe my next submission will end up on a more widely read day than December 26.

Re: How to deliver medicare with less, Column, Dec. 22

Martin Regg Cohn urged Dalton McGuinty to undertake bold health-care reforms, like Roy Romanow did when he closed some hospitals. This is only part of the story. When Romanow closed hospitals in the 1990s he did not move that work into for-profit clinics. He also closed all the private labs and moved that work back into the hospitals, which resulted in more integrated services and cost savings. McGuinty has increased many private services, for example physio and rehab. His government has also been a great protector of private laboratory services expanding their market to about $700 million a year of public health services. Reforms are not the issue, but the direction of reforms being considered by McGuinty.

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